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The young writer is an ongoing fear: the idea that millions of dollars in the end, only stolen by some manufacturers mustache twirling, some back-stabbing, friends or even worse, coming to a writer of some untalented hack.

For this reason, scores of writers off your best ideas, share them with anyone for fear of losing them to hide fear.

So, I assure you.

You steal their ideas do not have to worry about. Screenwriting in the wild world out there instead of later, a person is.

No, they do not sneak into your laptop when you file the final draft and turn your precious souls. In fact, most likely, they do not meet with you, or your idea about you or anyone you talk to.

But if you have an idea, there’s a good chance that at least 50 scripts on the same idea has been circulating around Hollywood.

Who invented Darwinism?

is the same conclusion.

First he sent to publishers!

There is a great opportunity to put out there, someone you are actually working in the same project.

Ideas are a dime a dozen. , But is not a good script.

When Darwin’s Origin of Species in the press after reading the newspaper said Wallace, Wallace easily imagine that Darwin had stolen his idea. But Wallace is the exact opposite reaction. He and Darwin became good friends, and ultimately, Wallace claims that his best scientific breakthrough Darwin finally published his groundbreaking enthusiasm for the manuscript.

Wallace understood that the idea of the Origin of Species changed forever the course of science is not. Read it in a way that captured the attention is the implementation of that idea.

Similarly, it is not the idea to make your script is going to sell it. This is a method that is the essence of the idea, and it is a way to translate that idea is the implementation of the headlines.

All writers steal. And you should too.

Darwin and Wallace first scientific development, all the Shakespeare plays were not fully consider the original inventor.

Thisbe pyramus from Romeo and Juliet and the Roman myth was stolen. Ur just an old play Hamlet – Hamlet is called an update.

Big Sleep Big openly Lebowskisteals. Coen Brothers and the main characters so loosely based on real-life friends are not a couple of people.

Raiders of the Lost Ark and remember that big truck chase scene? It’s an old car was stolen from the film.

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